How TodayInAging Stays Ad-Free


I want to personally thank you for visiting My name is Lisa Barger and I founded this site to serve a population that is, in my opinion, under-represented in mainstream media:

  • The Greatest Generation
  • The Silent Generation
  • Baby Boomers
  • Generation X

Why are folks in their second half of life so often invisible? I don’t know but I want to change that. If you agree–and believe in doing it without ads–won’t you please consider supporting my work? A 99-cent purchase of one of my e-books will go a long way toward helping me keep this site free of ads:

In exchange, I will make you this simple promise:

  • No pop-ups
  • No flashing banners
  • No auto-playing videos
  • No double-underline ads
  • No affiliate links

Unlike most bloggers, I do not write paid reviews or promote products. And I don’t hawk anything through multi-level-marketing. With nothing to sell, I am accountable to no one but myself and my readers.

So, take a look around. If you find what I do interesting or helpful–or you just like the idea of independent journalism–won’t you help me stay that way?

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