Number Of Cohabitating Older Couples Up 75% In 10 Years

The number of older cohabitating couples has skyrocketed in the past decade, say researchers at the Pew Research Center.

Gleaning data from the Current Population Survey, these analysts say that couples age 50 or older now make up 23% of all cohabitating US couples. Not only is this the fastest growth of all age groups, it represents an increase of 75% just in the past decade.

What’s driving this? Aging Baby Boomers make up a huge chunk of this population, say researchers. More open to divorce than their parents and grandparents, Boomers are more likely to be divorced–or to have never been married at all. (Around 27% of cohabitating Boomers have never been married.)

But older Gen-Xer are represented here, too. Of the older cohabitation populations, those in their 50s are the majority, at 57%.

Only 3% of unmarried but cohabitating couples are in the 80s-and-older group.


Photo Credit: Nikki Gibson


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